About Us

Founded in 2003 as Stereoimage Productions, our company under went a restructure and was rebranded as Stereoimage Studios in 2015. We specialises in original music scoring, song/music composition, sound design, studio recording, audio post production, final mix in stereo and surround sound format, music publishing and licensing.

Our team consist of talented and commited creative people who are passionate about their works. We strive to deliver the best for the worldwide audiences.

In 2018, we further expand to establish a subsidary company Laughing Tofu Media that specialise in creating original content and IP.

Our first overseas venture started in 2015 and founded Stereoimage Studios in Myanmar. We specialise in audio post production and final mix in surround sound for Myanmar’s domestic movies. In 2018, we further expand our business by establishing Pathama Motion Pictures to produce movies in Myanmar.