Music Scoring

Imagine you're embarking on a grand adventure, an odyssey of emotions and experiences. As you traverse this journey, there's a magical conductor orchestrating every twist and turn, amplifying your feelings and deepening your connection to the story. This conductor is music scoring.

Music scoring is the art of crafting the perfect musical accompaniment to a scene, seamlessly blending melody, rhythm, harmony, and instrumentation to evoke specific emotions and enhance the overall impact. Just like a painter uses colors and brushstrokes to create a masterpiece, a composer uses musical notes, chords, and instruments to create an auditory masterpiece that resonates with the viewer's soul.

At the heart of music scoring is the story arc, the narrative structure that guides the progression of a scene or an entire film. The composer carefully studies this arc, understanding the rise and fall of tension, the moments of joy, sadness, and contemplation, and the pivotal turning points that shape the characters' journeys.

Through the careful interplay of melody, harmony, rhythm, and instrumentation, music scoring weaves an invisible thread that binds the viewer's heart to the narrative. It amplifies the mood, intensifies the emotions, and accentuates the message, enriching the overall cinematic experience and transforming it into a transcendent journey for the senses.

The Violin

FORMAT: Animated short film

SCOPE: Original music, sound design, instrumental recording, final mix

CLIENT: Robot Playground Media for the Singapore Memory Project

ACCOLADE: Awarded Best Music Composition (Full-length) at the Apollo Awards 2016

Mickey Go Local

FORMAT: 1 season of 6 episodes of 2 minutes each

CLIENT: Robot Playground Media for The Walt Disney Company (Southeast Asia)

SCOPE: Original music, sound design, final mix


FORMAT: 3 seasons of 40+ episodes of 5 minutes each

CLIENT: Robot Playground Media

SCOPE: Original music, theme music, sound design, recording of voice-overs, final mix

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