Sound Design

Picture a blank canvas, waiting to be painted with sound. Sound design is the art of using audio elements to create an immersive sonic landscape that enhances storytelling and transports the audience into the world of a film, TV show, or any other audiovisual medium. It works hand in hand with music and dialogue, collaborating to evoke emotions, enhance mood, and elevate the overall narrative.
1. Creating Atmosphere:
Sound design sets the stage by establishing the ambiance and atmosphere of a scene. Just as a painter uses brushstrokes to convey the mood, a sound designer employs various audio elements like environmental sounds, ambiences, and background noises. For example, the gentle rustle of leaves, distant traffic, or chirping birds can evoke a serene outdoor setting. By carefully selecting and manipulating these sounds, the sound designer can immerse the viewer in the story's world, transporting them to a specific time and place.

2. Enhancing Emotions:
Sound design has the power to intensify the emotional impact of a scene. By combining carefully crafted sound effects with music, it can heighten the audience's emotional experience. For instance, in a suspenseful moment, a subtle and ominous sound effect, like a creaking door or a deep heartbeat, can create tension and anticipation. The sound designer can complement this with a suspenseful musical motif, amplifying the feeling of unease and drawing the viewer deeper into the narrative.

3. Conveying Perspectives:
Sound design can also be used to provide insights into the characters' perspectives or the overall tone of a scene. For example, through the use of subjective sound design, the audience can experience the world from a character's point of view. By enhancing specific sounds that the character focuses on, such as heightened breathing or amplified footsteps, the viewer can feel a deeper connection to the character's thoughts and emotions. Additionally, the sound designer can manipulate sound effects to mirror the tone of a scene, enhancing comedic moments with whimsical sound design or emphasizing drama with evocative soundscapes.

4. Balancing Music and Dialogue:
One of the crucial aspects of sound design is achieving a delicate balance between music, dialogue, and sound effects. The sound designer ensures that the music and dialogue coexist harmoniously, never overpowering each other. They meticulously mix these elements to create a cohesive and intelligible soundscape. By dynamically adjusting the levels and spatial placement of each component, the sound designer guides the viewer's attention and ensures that the intended emotional impact of the scene is fully realized.

Sound design is a multidimensional art form that works in harmony with music and dialogue to enhance storytelling. It shapes the ambiance, intensifies emotions, provides perspective, and balances the audio elements within a scene. Through creative manipulation of sound effects, ambiences, and musical motifs, sound design paints an auditory tapestry that engulfs the audience, transporting them into the heart of the narrative and enriching their viewing experience.


FORMAT: Animated short film

SCOPE: Sound design, final mix

CLIENT: Omen Studios

ACCOLADE: Awarded Best Sound Design for a Short Film, Apollo Awards 2016

Franklin and Friends

FORMAT: 2 seasons; total of 52 episodes of 11 minutes each

CLIENT: Infinite Frameworks for Nelvana Entertainment

SCOPE: Sound design, final mix in surround 5.1


FORMAT: 3 Seasons; total of 60 episodes of 7 minutes each; as well as special and seasonal episodes

CLIENT: One Animation

SCOPE: Sound design, final mix in surround 5.1

The Curious Case of the Missing Peranakan Treasure

FORMAT: Online, interactive whodunit.

CLIENT: Sight Lines Entertainment, Double Confirm Production for Raffles Hotel.

SCOPE: Location Recording, Original Music Score, Sound Design, Spatial Audio Post Production.

APPLICATION: Interactive Entertainment

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